Summer School 2017 | Lisbon

Date: 12th-14th July 2017

Venue: Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Lisbon, Portugal.



The summer school took place from July 12th to 14th in  LNEC, Lisbon, Portugal. Scholars were trained to use the Co-ReSyF platform as a key resource for their proposed research project, with continuous technical support on the platform functionality. Eight successful applicants attended the Co-ReSyF Summer School, where they were given access to:

(a) the Co-ReSyF platform,

(b) training material and

(c) technical support to develop their proposed ideas into new coastal applications.

The summer school training focused on practical hands-on use of the platform along with lectures, exercises and opportunities to give feedback. Adding to current Co-ReSyF Research Applications, the development of new ideas allows for these early platform users to demonstrate the capabilities and broader scope of Co-ReSyF to the wider scientific community.


Summer School Participants:

Name Affiliation
Dr. Ailbhe Kavanagh University College Cork (UCC), Ireland
Dr. Ana Nobre Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), Portugal
Dr. Cristina Lira Portuguese Meteorological and Geophysical Observatory (Institute Dom Luiz, IDL), Portugal
Mr. Damien Haberlin University College Cork (UCC), Ireland
Mr. Francisco Campuzano University of Lisbon, Portugal
Mr. Ricardo Martins National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Portugal
Mr. Tiago Ferradosa Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Mr. Diogo Silva Mendes University of Lisbon, Portugal

Summer School Materials can be downloaded here:

1-1_Intro to Co-ReSyF

1-1_Intro to EO

1-2 Platform Overview

1-3_Co-ReSyF_RA Lecture_HypertemporalTimeSeries

1-3_Co-ReSyF_RA Lecture_Vessel&Oil

1-4_Co-ReSyF_RA Lecture_BathymetrySAR

1-4_Co-ReSyF_RA Lecture_WaterQuality_Benthos_BathymetryOPTICAL

2-1_Co-ReSyF_RA Lecture_Coastal Altimetry

2-2 & 2-3_Learn to use Co-ReSyF

2-2_Learn to use Co-ReSyF_da-training

2-3_Learn to use Co-ReSyF_dcs-training

3-1_Resources at your disposal

3-1_The way forward as a researcher

Other useful information includes:



Summer School_Programme.

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