CO-ReSyF Event | Enriching Coastal Research through Earth Observation

Co-ReSyF hosted a one and a half-day workshop in the Marine and Renewable Energy Centre (MaREI), Ringaskiddy, Cork on Thursday October 4th and Friday October 5th 2018.


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This event brought together researchers and organisations broadly working in the coastal and marine research fields to demonstrate the uses of Earth Observation data and how it may benefit your work. Leading international experts in coastal research and satellite observation fields presented the latest in marine and coastal satellite innovations. Together they will discuss strategic developments for enabling coastal research growth,  providing a number of recommendations to European funding and governing bodies. This event was a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances and opportunities available in marine and coastal EO and collaboratively discuss where research needs to go to address future coastal issues.

Day 1 consisted of an exciting line up of coastal research experts from throughout Europe. The presentations focused on presenting the latest developments in coastal and Earth Observation (EO) research from a host of organisations (e.g ESA, EurOcean, Future Earth Coasts). In addition, there were animated interactive open discussions where attendees offered their expert opinion and feedback to highlight and develop recommendations based on our coastal community’s needs.

Day 2 consisted of a half-day of presentations and live demonstrations of the Co-ReSyF platform. The platform provides a dedicated data access and processing platform, with automated tools, methods and standards to support research applications using EO data for monitoring of Coastal Waters. Through Co-ReSyF‘s collaborative front end, even inexperienced researchers in EO will be able to upload their applications to the system to compose and configure processing chains for easy deployment on the cloud infrastructure. Advanced users will also be able to go further and take full control of the processing chains and algorithms by having access to the cloud back-end and to further optimise their applications for fast deployment for big data access and processing.


1- The Event Agenda, including links to all presentations.


2- The Event Report, containing a summary of the event recommendations, as well as the rapporteur notes on each talk, and ensuing discussion.


3- Research Application Posters:-

Coastal AltimetryNOC
SAR BathymetryLNEC
Optical Bathymetry Using Sentinel-2ARGANS (formerly ACRI-HE)
Oil Spill & Vessel DetectionUCC & DEIMOS
Ocean Surface Hetrogeneity MappingUCC
Ocean Surface Heterogeneity Mapping The Science behind the research applicationUCC

4- Co-ReSyF-supported student research posters:

Assessment of the utility of the ESA SST CCI product for environmental research using data from meteorological buoys in the North AtlanticHannah Binner (BSc.), UCC
The Use of ASCAT 12.5km Coastal Observations for Offshore Wind Farm Site Selection in IrelandTiny Remmers (MSc.), UCC




If you would require any further information on this event, please do not hesitate to contact the Co-ReSyF

Community Coordinators Ms. Eimear Tuohy, or Mr. Rory Scarrott.

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