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We are delighted to announce that Co-ReSyF will be hosting a one and a half-day workshop in the Marine and Renewable Energy Centre (MaREI), Ringaskiddy, Cork on Thursday October 4th and Friday October 5th 2018.

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Please feel free to introduce yourself and discuss the Co-ReSyF project at the various events and conferences that we attend. If you would like to arrange a meeting please contact us.

Co-ReSyF have attended the following events:

  1. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society Conference 2016
  2. Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth Conference
  3. Sea Change Researchers Workshop
  4. Digital Ocean Conference 2016
  5. Living Planet Symposium 2016
  6. 4th Hydrographic Engineering Meetings
  7. COSMOS 2020 International Space Information Day
  8. Irish Space Solutions Centre’s Inaugural Maritime-Space Opportunities Workshop
  9. Horizon 2020 Space Information Days
  10. International Conference on Marine Data an Information Systems 2016
  11. Irish Earth Observation Symposium 2016
  12. SAR Altimetry Workshop
  13. Ocean Surface Topography Science Team Meeting
  14. Copernicus Marine Data Stream Expert Workshop
  15. CommOCEAN, 2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference
  16. Ocean Teacher Global Academy: Ocean Science Communication Tools
  17. SPIE Remote Sensing 2016
  18. Future Earth Coasts Scoping Workshop
  19. 4 Conferência sobre Morfodinâmica Costeira e Estuarina, MEC 2017
  20. ENVIRON 2017 – Putting Eco in the Economy
  21. 49th Conference of Irish Geographers, CIG 2017
  22. Irish Earth Observation Symposium (IEOS) 2017



  1. Estimation of coastal bathymetry from wave parameters retrieved with Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
  2. High-resolution coastal bathymetry retrieved from satellite data: a research application within the Co-ReSyF project
  3. A multispectral earth observation approach for retrieving bathymetric data: models and in situ data evaluation
  4. Operacionalização de Metodologias para a extração de Batimetria a partir de dados de Deteção Remota (Operation of Methodologies for the extraction of Bathymetry from Remote Detection data)
  5. Linha de costa: da deteção por imagens de satélite à modelação da evolução a longo prazo (Coastline: from satellite imagery to modeling of long-term evolution)
  6. Co-ReSyF SAR-bathymetry application: algorithm testing and performance