Until recently, scientists had to deal with the daunting task of mining large datasets for suitable data, and often downloading EO information from various different sources. In addition, as the datasets increased in volume, the processing has become slower and demanding of better computing facilities.

The EU H2020 Coastal Waters Research Synergy Framework (Co-ReSyF) project aims to tackle these issues, by developing a platform for combined data access, processing, visualisation and output in one place. The platform is based on cloud computing to maximise processing effort and task orchestration. Co-ReSyF will address issues faced by inexperienced and new EO researchers, and also target EO experts and downstream users, with main focus on enabling EO data access and processing for coastal and marine applications. In a collaborative research environment, the Co-ReSyF platform will revolutionise accessibility to Big EO Data, and help create a new era of EO data processing and exploitation in the coastal and marine environment.