Research Applications

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A set of coastal Research Applications (RAs) will be implemented within the Co-ReSyF platform.

These core RAs will use platform tools & functionalities to deploy advanced algorithms and methodologies, in an intuitive front face. The many complicated processing steps are brought together in the background.  Any user, of any level of expertise, will be able to access the Co-ReSyF RAs and easily deploy them in their chosen Area Of Interest (AOI). This means that even users without a background in Earth Observation (EO) will be able to use the Co-ReSyF platform to (i) access EO data, (ii) deploy an existing RA, and (iii) retrieve (and optionally share) the outputs.

On the other hand, advanced users will be able to use the Co-ReSyF functionalities to develop their own modules, or configure copies of existing ones. The original module, managed on the platform as a template, will remain unchanged for future use.

These RAs are:


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